Christmas is coming

Christmas treeAs you may have seen, the shops are all gearing up for Christmas, trying to part us all from our money.  We have now published our Christmas vacation opening times on the library website and will be displaying posters from the start of the vacation period, from 12 December.  The Library only closes for six days over Christmas itself and New Year but only security staff will be present from 24 December until the following term.  Normal staffing and term-time opening hours (0800-2400 every day) will recommence on Monday, 4 January 2016. 

Help over the holiday

If you need help, please come and see us before the library staff all go home.  It is best to ask us on or before 23 December.  You are very welcome to ask us questions using the web form over the vacation period, which we will answer when we get back (there might be a backlog, so please be patient if it takes us a few days!), and you can always call our out-of-hours Library and IT support service (T: 023 9284 7777) at any time.  Legend has it they are available at 3am on Christmas morning but we hope you will not need them at such a desperate hour!

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