Creative Arts Book of the Week 02/11/15

In recent weeks I have spent quite a lot of time working with students in the School of Creative Technologies and so I have selected ZBrush Character Sculpting: Projects, tips & techniques from the masters as my book of the week. This will be of particular interest to computer animation students or anyone interested in exploring 3D sculpting techniques.

The book draws on the traditional roots of classical sculpture and demonstrates how they can be applied to the virtual world of 3D modelling. With input from industry experts, the text is easy to read and is accompanied by sumptuous illustrations that cannot fail to engage and inspire. There are step-by-step projects covering a range of image-types from monsters, manimals and other fantasy creatures to classical sculpture which, to me, looks like it could be found in the Victoria and Albert Museum!

One of the images, ‘Close-Up Portrait’ by David Moratilla Amago, reminds me of Stina in the CGI film Stina and the Wolf  produced by the department. If you would like to find out more about ZBrush, there are lots of books, ebooks and DVDs on the subject in the University Library. You can find them on the library catalogue.  If you would like to see more inspirational materials, visit the galleries on the website. You might also be interested in having a look at the online tutorial package, formerly known as Digital Tutors.  It has been taken over by a new publisher and has a new name, Pluralsight Creative. Look out for further details about this soon.


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