Of group meeting pods and individual silent study

Drop-in meeting podEveryone likes to work differently and most people like to work alone for much, sometimes nearly all, of the time.  Many people also want to get away from noise and distractions to work more efficiently.  This is why we have dedicated the entire top floor to individual silent study.  It is a retreat from the energizing buzz of the lower two floors, particularly Areas 2A and 2C, which are completely walled off from the rest of the Library.

We still sometimes find clients working alone in the meeting pods on the ground floor.  These pods muffle the sound entering and leaving, so groups using them are not competing to be heard over those studying at nearby tables, lowering the overall noise level.  They are the most popular new innovation we introduced in the refurbishment last year – lots of groups need to use them, but while they are great places to drop into if you want a lively discussion or could not conveniently book a group study room, if you are working alone, please sit elsewhere.  You will appreciate others leaving them available for you next time you want a drop-in space for group work.

If you do happen across someone working alone in a meeting pod, feel free to ask to join them.  The pods are there for sharing, after all!

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