WARC now uses institutional login

We are pleased to announce that WARC (World Advertising Research Center) is now available using the normal institutional login and no longer requires anyone to log using a resource specific username password.

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2 comments on “WARC now uses institutional login
  1. David says:

    Hi Felix,

    On campus, WARC should recognise you straight away without any need to log in. From off-campus, log in (there is no longer any need to select the “off-campus login” option), then:
    1. Click on the “Institutional login” link on the right-hand side;
    2. Choose “University of Portsmouth” from the drop-down list of institutions;
    3. Log in using your username (in the form “up123456”) and your password, as if logging onto the network.

    If you continue to experience difficulties, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us – all our contact details are available on the Library website at: http://www.libr.port.ac.uk/help/

  2. Felix says:


    unfortunately the login with my …@myport.ac.uk email address doesn’t work. How can I use it?

    Best regards

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