A perfect fit (or Where have all the books gone?)

We have been moving our books around to fit them all onto the shelves in a single shelf mark number sequence that increases going up through the library from the ground floor to the top.  The small collection of books temporarily shelved on the top floor are at last being moved into position so that the books are all arranged in a single shelf mark sequence increasing going upwards through the building.  Areas 1C and 2A are still a work in progress but we promise everything will be ship shape and Portsmouth fashion by the end of next week, ready for the start of term!

If you need help finding books during the next few days, please ask any member of staff.

Current stock arrangements

  • Ground floor (Area 0A) 001 – 306.3
  • Area 1A now starts at 346.41048 CAS and ends at 690 ZUN.  From the start of term it will run from approx. 340 – 690
  • Area 1B starts at 690.0148 ADD and ends at 820.2099287 SIL
  • Area 2B houses books with the remaining shelf marks up to the end of the sequence (shelf mark 999), all our large format books and the pamphlet collection (all shelfmarks).

We will let you know precise locations and update our signage for all areas once the books have all been moved.


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