Talis Aspire online reading lists roll over at 12 noon on Friday, 31 July

Update 03/08/15 – All reading lists should now have rolled over and be ready for you to edit from today.  If you have any queries or problems please contact linda.jones@port.ac.uk or paul.egan@port.ac.uk.


The Library is rolling over Talis Aspire reading lists to the new academic year (2015-16) at 12 noon on Friday, 31 July.  You must publish any reading lists you are editing in draft before noon on Friday 31 July, otherwise you risk losing any changes you have made during the rollover.

Access to lists is unaffected but they should not be edited between 12 noon on Friday 31 July and Sunday, 2 August, inclusive.  Once roll over has fully completed, lists that have been rolled over will show a message pointing to the newer, rolled over copy of the list.  List owners will then need to add this new version to their My Lists collection.


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