Automatic Renewals and changes to our borrowing policy

Trolleys.jpgThe University Library will be introducing automatic renewals for all our clients from September 2015.

Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for you to keep loans that you are using and which are not in demand and instead to focus on ensuring the rapid circulation of items that are in demand.

Automatic renewals mean that the Library takes care of the routine renewal of your loans.  At the same time, the Library will no longer charge overdue fines on the late return of standard library loans.  We want to reduce the fines burden on those library users who are perhaps just busy and in the past may have missed a renewal reminder, and focus instead on those instances where the non-return of a loan inconveniences other library users.  We know that the non-return of requested loans is frustrating and can impact on students’ work.

This means that we will be removing fines on the late return of standard library loans but we will be increasing fines on reserved books that are not returned to the Library in time.  At the same time, we will be ensuring that we contact you regularly if you have a reserved book that someone else wants, so that you know you need to return that book in time to avoid fines.  Whenever possible, we will let you have a loan for four weeks.  However, if the loan you want is in heavy demand, we will just issue the loan to you for a week, which means that all the people that have requested and are waiting for the item get a chance to see the book.  And if there is very heavy demand on a particular title, we may provide either a “Library Use Only” copy or an e-book copy for you.

We are working on this change over the summer vacation and will keep you updated here on Liblog.

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