Pablo in P&M – Shopping!

Copy-of-Unpacking-books-2Until today, I thought P&M was a clothing brand from the 1970s but apparently it stands for “Procurement and Metadata”, which I understand to be professional shorthand for “buying and labelling”. I got to try my flipper at what P&M does, and so got stuck right in.

Procurement is the official name for “shopping” and the Library does a lot of it. Since August 2014 the library has purchased 5,718 new printed books, not to mention all the electronic ones. I hope they didn’t all arrive on the same day! I started by helping to unpack some new books. The ones at the bottom of the box are always the trickiest…

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2 comments on “Pablo in P&M – Shopping!
  1. David Bennett says:

    FRBR is just next-gen labeling, introduced by librarians to help make library labels understandable to the folks that brought us the internet.

  2. Andy Barrow says:

    Procurement and Metadata – indeed, nothing more than posh words for buying and cataloguing (aka labelling). There’s nothing mysterious about librarianship is there? But what about FRBR…

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