Creative Arts Book of the Week 18/05/15

I have to confess that I’m an infrequent cinema goer; the smell of popcorn and nachos is not for me.  However, I did make it to my local Cineworld to see The Grand Budapest Hotel, directed by Wes Anderson.  What a feast for the senses; an immersion into a slightly surreal fantasy world of colour, music and emotion.

This week’s book, The Grand Budapest Hotel by Matt Zoller Seitz took me into that world again.  It’s a delightfully illustrated volume that any coffee table would be proud to display.  However, in terms of research, there are some interviews with members of the cast and crew alongside critical essays including one by David Bordwell, author of numerous film studies publications.

If you had to write an assignment relating to this film, you will need to refer to some other sources too.  You can, of course search the Discovery Service from the top right of the library homepage, but you might also want to search more specifically on Film and Television Literature Index to find a range of journal and magazine articles.  You can find out what other films Wes Anderson has directed by visiting Film Index International.  This database provides information about the film including synopsis, details of the production company, cast and crew as well as a list of references.  You might also want to look at data relating to number of weeks in the chart and unit sales. If so, use our new database Film Industry Data.  The data is set alongside reports on important world events so that you can see the social and cultural context of the film.  Visit the Film ‘My Subject’ page to find even more quality resources to inform your research.


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