Westlaw “White Book” erratum (resolved)

Update 29/04/15 – We are pleased to report that Westlaw have confirmed the White Book errata are all now in place.   Thank you for your patience.

The White Book 2015 – erratum
The White Book 2015 published 30 March in print, eBook and on Westlaw UK. Unfortunately there are errors in Volume 1.

Changes to Part 6 (Rules 6.31 and 6.33) and Part 74 (in particular Rules 74.4A and 74.7B) made as a result of the Civil Procedure (Amendment no. 7) Rules 2014 (SI 2014/2948) were not included correctly and we apologise sincerely for any inconvenience caused.

Westlaw are working hard to remedy this.  At the time of writing:

Part 6 corrections (Rules 6.31 & 6.33) were uploaded yesterday 1 April, 2015.
Part 74 corrections (Rules 74.4A & 74.7B) will be loaded by the end of today 2 April, 2015.