A Tale of Two Libraries

The rules at Singapore’s national university begin with with the statement: “These library rules reflect the emphasis by NUS Libraries on responsible behavior by members when using library facilities and resources.”  Personal responsibility is a trait long sought by employers, and so it is no surprise to see it inculcated in one of the world’s most economically successful countries.

Many of the rules seem familiar but if you glance through what they are not allowed to do in their Library, you may star to feel you have always had it a lot better here than you might think.  Or perhaps you think this is how our Library should be run?  Let us know what you think.

Selected highlights from the general rules of the National University of Singapore Library)

1. Conduct prejudicial to the proper use of the library is forbidden. 

So, no annoying anyone else or hiding books elsewhere – ever.

2. Smoking, food and drinks are not allowed in the library.

Not even water is allowed in their Library!

3. At Central Library, food and drinks purchased at PerkPoint are to be consumed within the area.

Food and drink are only allowed in their café… and there is no café in their departmental libraries. 

4. Silence shall be observed in the public areas of the library.

Their entire library is an individual silent study zone.

5. Users of the library should be appropriately attired. 

They have a dress code for clients.

6. Seats in the library may not be reserved… Library staff have the right to remove any book, file, bag, food or any other personal belongings of Members left on reading tables.  

The same rule applies here.  Leaving your coat in a meeting pod to ‘reserve’ it for the entire day is not allowed.  If you find someone’s possessions abandoned in the Library, please move them to one side, alert a member of staff or text security with details of the problem and where you are (T: 07860 756 894).

7. All books and personal belongings must be shown to the staff at the library exits whenever required to do so.

They reserve the right to search your bag when you leave.

8. Members must ensure that Library materials checked out to them are returned or renewed on or before the date due. Notices sent by NUS Libraries serve only as a reminder and non-receipt of the notices does not absolve any Member from paying fines or other penalties as stated in these Rules. Members are encouraged to login […] to check their library record regularly.

We have the same rule: loan renewal reminders are a courtesy.  You should check My Account on the Library website or self-service kiosks regularly.  Forgetting to renew your books because you did not get an email reminder will earn you a fine that is never waived.  Get in the habit of renewing your books every week and you need never owe any fines!

9. A two-month suspension from borrowing RBR materials may be imposed for frequent late returns or loss of RBR materials.

If you return their Rare Book Room materials late, or lose any of them, they ban you for a full two months.

Having read all that, how lucky do you feel to be a student here, and not there?


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