Creative Arts Book of the Week 03/02/15

This week I’ve selected How to write about contemporary art by Gilda Williams from the Library new books display.  I’ve chosen it because it gives invaluable advice on all aspects of writing about art, from how to write an academic essay to explaining texts  for an exhibition catalogue, from evaluating texts, e.g. for a book review (I’d better read that section) to writing an artist’s statement (I need to read that one as well).

Many of you will be working on essays or even dissertations at the moment so it would be worth having a look at the sections on how to substantiate your ideas, including how to extract visual evidence. (Useful for the current visual culture assignments.) There is also practical ‘how to’ advice in this well written, nicely laid out book.  Gilda, an art critic and teacher, understands how artists prefer to read and has designed the layout accordingly.

Take a look on Amazon to see inside the book. As well as reading about writing, don’t forget the series of workshops delivered by the CCi Faculty Academic Skills Tutors, designed to support your studies. Coming soon – 4th Feb ifind: Academic Information, 9th Feb iwrite: Critical Analysis, 11th Feb iwrite: Project Proposal and 16th Feb iwrite: Perfect Referencing. Visit Moodle to find out more.

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