CCI book(s) review of the week 13/10/2014

Nigel Peake: artist and architect

In the city: drawings by Nigel Peake

“Sounds have shape”.

“Designing from the things that are seen, heard,experienced and remembered, including grids,surfaces, places, paths, construction, information, sounds, reflections, rooftops, and  districts”.


In the Wilds: Nigel Peake

In the wilds: drawings by Nigel Peake.

On remembering his childhood living in the countryside.
”Reimagining what is outside. To let things wander, to collect and rearrange. Drawn again and again, forms and colors take shape. It takes time. It is a joy to make. It is a joy to remember”.



I spotted these books in the Tate Modern bookshop some months ago and fell instantly in love with them. We had to have them in the University Library! These books are crammed full of stunning, colourful geometric designs showing the work of someone with a meticulous eye for detail.

I especially like In the wilds which takes the art of stippling in another direction with multiple lines and squiggles building up complex pictures full of rich earthy colours as he captures scenes from the rural countryside.

This eye-catching image makes me think of the old medieval strip farming maps or looking down at miniature framed landscapes through an aircraft window.


Fortunately for us (or me) he has his own website where many of his images are freely available to download. And there is also a large collection on Google images.

These books are a wonderful source of ideas for creative arts students studying illustration, interior design and architecture. Throughout his books he breaks up his pictures into sections and explains the thinking behind specific designs. “The books’ ends outside the secondhand stores remind me of fields”. And he has produced lots of other titles. The seemingly mundane title of his book Sheds might make you yawn but once opened, the pages spring to life! Let’s hope we can order the entire collection and I can save myself some money…..

See his books on the catalogue at: 741.64092PEA

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