Where did all the politics books go?

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Nothing here stands still for long

The ground floor refurbishment has been a great success but we always have more books to fit on the Library’s shelves at the start of the year before they are all borrowed than at almost any other time of the year and in one little corner we have had a little difficulty fitting them all in.  At the moment, we have books with shelf marks up to the start of 306.3 on the ground floor and the rest have been temporarily shelved in Area 2A on the second floor.

We intend for all the books with shelf marks 001-330 to eventually be fitted back on the ground floor, where they were last year.  Just for now, some the printed journals (with titles starting with the letters A-E), including the popular British Journal of Criminology, have had to be moved off-site and are currently only available as e-journals online.  You can still print articles that you want to read (you can print one article per issue of a journal under our current licence).

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