Ground floor refurbishment – week 2

2014-06-19 #2Week 2 of the refurbishment has seen the continuation of the demolition phase of the project including the removal of all of the lighting from the ground floor, the bench seating around the outside of the space and the wall on the first floor. The street has been completely opened up with the removal of the metal struts that supported the windows on the Library side and the metal framework on the Open Access side. We have seen a number of skips arrive and depart during the week with almost all of the material destined for recycling or reuse.

The yellow air handling ducts which were such a feature of the space have been taken down from the ceiling temporarily so that new sections can be added to provide wider coverage and preparatory works have started with the shielding of the first floor OPAC terminals. At a site meeting at the start of the week we determined where power will be provided in the atrium for our Welcome Desk.

Work is on schedule and we can look forward to seeing installation work taking place in different areas of the building. With this work starting it is important that all of our clients take notice of the signs telling them which areas of the building they can enter and which they can’t so that we can all remain safe.

From Ken Dick

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