The Adventure gets underway…

green shelf photoIt’s half way through the first week of the summer vacation, and all around us things are changing at a rapid pace. Our desks have been cleared of what I’ve taken to calling “desk ephemera”, non-essential folders and paperwork have been banished to boxes, and the only things left out are our computers and tins of teabags.

It’s not just our desks disappearing though! Thankfully our management realised that the crating-up and moving of the ground floor stock would require stronger muscles than those of the average library assistant, and booked a team of professionals to do this bit for us. They’ve been working since yesterday to clear the shelves, and are (from what I can see) doing a sterling job!

The next thing to go will be the rows and rows of green shelving, the majority of it having been in service for almost four decades! I for one can’t wait to see what the space looks like empty! I’m sure it’s far bigger than we realise – maybe there will be space for a quick game of football or an indoor cycle ride? I suppose hiring a bouncy castle would be out of the question?

There’s plenty going on in Portsmouth at the moment though, with the D-Day commemorations providing a plethora of opportunities to remember the links between the city and the military. Flypasts have provided a distraction from the exposure of more and more concrete as “stuff” gets moved. Tomorrow, several of our team will be out enjoying the RAF Red Arrows display at the seafront – don’t worry, we’ve made sure there will still be someone here to answer any questions you may have.

So onwards, into the (somewhat) unknown…


… now where did I put my pencil?…

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