Will you get the most from your revision?

studying photoRevision is an active process.  Make and highlight notes, prepare cards, write detailed notes then summarise them, and summarise the summaries… there are as many ways to revise as people.  Some revise in groups and others alone.  Use whatever works for you.

Experts have however suggested that two methods of revision stand out as being particularly successful:

  1. “The best strategy is to plan ahead and not do all your revision on one subject in a block before moving on to the next” says Prof. Dunlovsky.  If you can, spread out your revision for each subject as much as possible and change regularly between subjects (“interleaved practice”).
  2. Self-testing using flashcards has also been proven to focus the mind and improve factual recall in exams.

(Source: BBC Health website)

Further reading

ASK have produced some handy downloadable guides you might find useful on:

and for when revision comes to an end:

How to deal with exam nerves

General advice for revision and 24/7 study

Stay well

  • Eat healthy foods
  • Drink plenty – use the water fountain (down the corridor just to the left of the main entrance; ask for a water bottle refill in the cafe if the water fountain is not working)
  • Get enough, regular sleep (at home!)
  • Exercise often

Take regular breaks

  • Move and stretch to avoid getting stiff
  • Focus on a completely different task to reset your mind and help you concentrate better and remember more from your revision

Seek variety

  • A change of scene and subject can help you maintain perspective

Chat to your friends

  • A problem shared is often a problem halved.  Meet your friends in the Library cafe, 3rd Space, the Group Study zone on the ground floor and have a brief chat about anything that troubles you

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