Limerick Day

limerick photoToday is Limerick Day, the limerick being a form of (usually) humorous poem named after the Irish city. Why not celebrate by having a go at writing one of your own? Send it as a comment to this post, and we’ll publish those that we can get away with.

Sadly we can’t publish obscene ones (which some might say defeats the purpose) but we take the position that a clever clean limerick is much more of a challenge. Bonus points for using a Library theme!

If you’re not familiar with the limerick, this wikihow page will tell you all you need to know.

Photo by National Library of Ireland on The Commons

6 comments on “Limerick Day
  1. Although the building work is a chore,

    The Library is still opening its doors,

    Just look to the right,

    And go up a flight,

    Of stairs to both first and top floor

  2. If finding too much on Discovery,
    Leaves you feeling life is just drudgery,
    Select from the left,
    With some thinking that’s deft,
    And suddenly your references are lovely!

  3. There are thousands of journals online
    And I say, “that’s all very fine”
    Reading on screen
    Is a digital dream
    But sadly it just isn’t mine!

  4. A student was studying law,
    Got lost and went to the wrong floor.
    His books, could not find,
    He was losing his mind.
    So he asked for a library tour…

  5. Returning an overdue loan,
    A student will often time moan:
    The fines are so high
    No food can I buy,
    So I’ll just have to chew on a bone!

  6. A student, when using her phone,
    Was told she was in the wrong zone.
    She hid in the stacks;
    Her behaviour was lax –
    And it’s something we never condone!

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