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Despite all the signs telling people which zone they are in, some people seem oblivious to how they are expected to behave.  If others are making a noise, talking or otherwise disrupting your work, please do not feel helpless.  There are a number of things you can do.

Don't suffer in silence - text us!

If someone is being noisy or bothering you text security for help. T: 07860 756894

1. Speak to the person yourself

Some people just seem oblivious to where they are and how they are expected to behave.  If someone is clearly behaving inappropriately for a particular zone, please feel free to remind them which zone they are in.

Guidance on what allowed in different zones is available from the Library website.  This is also a helpful place to help you decide which zone you would like to study in.  If you like to chat and discuss your work with others, why not study on the group study zone on the ground floor?

2. Speak to a friendly member of Library staff

Roaming security staff will be happy to help stop any problem behaviour.  Between 11 am and 3 pm on weekdays during term-time, Library staff also roam the floors looking to help you.  They can also help deal with unwanted noise and nuisance behaviour.

3. Text the security team

If you want your problem resolved discretely and anonymously, you can text the Library Security Team.  Just send a brief description of exactly where you are in the Library and the nature of your problem and a member of security staff will come to help.

Text security: 07860 756894

Are you annoying other people?

Most people who we speak to have just not realised which zone they are in, what the zones mean, or (most commonly) that they are making enough noise to irritate those around them.  You can avoid annoying other people by making sure you are in the best zone for you  – group study if you want to talk, quiet study if you do not want to have to remain absolutely silent all the time, etc.  A map of the current zones is available together with guidance on what is allowed in each zone.

Do not take it personally if others complain to or about you.  As assignment hand in dates and the exam period loom into sight, people need to concentrate more and nerves quickly become frayed and tempers short.  What would have been tolerated just a few weeks ago now drives many people to distraction.  Take it in good part and please be considerate.  If you are told you are making too much noise, please consider whether you might be better suited to another zone.

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