New eBooks – March 2014

What follows is a list of new electronic books received by the Library during March 2014 ordered by title. More complete details, as well as listings from previous months,  are available on our website’s  New Books page  in the form of downloadable Excel spreadsheets.

A companion to translation studies / edited by Sandra B
A dictionary of the European Union [electronic resource Phinnemore, David
A good night out for the girls [electronic resource] : Aston, Elaine
A savage war of peace [electronic resource] : Algeria, Horne, Alistair
A tanner’s worth of tune [electronic resource] : redisc Wright, Adrian, 1947 July 1-
Aboriginal peoples and sport in Canada [electronic reso
Accounts demystified [electronic resource] : the astoni Rice, Anthony
Acting in musical theatre [electronic resource] : a com Deer, Joe
American film and society since 1945 [electronic resour Quart, Leonard
Armstrong’s handbook of reward management practice [ele Armstrong, Michael, 1928-
Autism and Asperger syndrome [electronic resource] / Si Baron-Cohen, Simon
Behind the image [electronic resource] : research in ph Fox Anna
Beyond consumer capitalism : media and the limits to im Lewis, Justin
Black skin, white masks [electronic resource] / Frantz Fanon, Frantz, 1925-1961
Board directors and corporate social responsibility [el
Celebrity society [electronic resource] / Robert van Kr Van Krieken, Robert
Children and social competence [electronic resource] :
Cold War : an international history / Carole K. Fink Fink, Carole, 1940-
Colormute [electronic resource] : race talk dilemmas in Pollock, Mica, 1971-
Conflict of laws [electronic resource] Harding, Maebh
Contemporary Hollywood masculinities [electronic resour Kord, Susanne
Corporate financial management [electronic resource] / Arnold, Glen
Corporate governance, ethics, and CSR [electronic resou Simpson, Justine
Corporate social responsibility [electronic resource] :
Creating a learning environment for babies & toddlers [ Clare, Ann
Crime, critique and utopia [electronic resource] / edit
Crime, justice and social democracy [electronic resourc
Crosscultural transgressions [electronic resource] : re
Cultural studies and the working class [electronic reso
Death from the skies : how the British and Germans surv Su¨ss, Dietmar
Design, evaluation, and analysis of questionnaires for Saris, Willem E.
Developing resilience [electronic resource] : a cogniti Neenan, Michael
Digital camera techniques [electronic resource] / Jon T Tarrant, Jon
Digital marketing [electronic resource] : strategy, imp Chaffey, Dave, 1963-
Directing in musical theatre [electronic resource] : an Deer, Joe
Distrusting educational technology [electronic resource Selwyn, Neil
Doing ethical research with children [electronic resour Sargeant, Jonathon
Doing visual research with children and young people [e
Ecological design [electronic resource] / Nancy Rottle, Rottle, Nancy
Ecology of climate change [electronic resource] : the i Post, Eric S. (Eric Stephen)
Economics [electronic resource] / John Sloman, Alison W Sloman, John, 1947-
Educational failure and working class white children in Evans, Gillian, 1966-
Emarketing excellence [electronic resource] : planning Chaffey, Dave, 1963-
Essentials of economics [electronic resource] Sloman, John, 1947-
Essentials of marketing [electronic resource] / Frances Brassington, Frances
Exploring strategy [electronic resource] Johnson, Gerry
Exploring strategy [electronic resource] : text and cas Johnson, Gerry
Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany [electronic resource] : De Grand, Alexander J., 1938-
Feminist criminology [electronic resource] / Claire M. Renzetti, Claire M.
Final judgment [electronic resource] : the last law Lor Paterson, Alan
Food [electronic resource] / John Coveney Coveney, John
Forensic linguistics / John Olsson and June Luchjenbroe Olsson, John, 1951-
Formations of class and gender [electronic resource] : Skeggs, Beverley
France since 1945 [electronic resource] / Robert Gildea Gildea, Robert
Frank Wood’s Business accounting 1 [electronic resource Wood, Frank, 1926-2000
From plain fare to fusion food [electronic resource] : Oddy, Derek J.
German colonialism, visual culture, and modern memory [
Gestures of music theater [electronic resource] : the p
Girls in a goldfish bowl [electronic resource] : moral George, Rosalyn
Girls, boys and junior sexualities [electronic resource Renold, Emma
Global crisis [electronic resource] : war, climate chan Parker, Geoffrey, 1933-
Global marketing [electronic resource] / Svend Hollense Hollensen, Svend
Governing paradoxes of restorative justice / George Pav Pavlich, George (George Clifford), 1960-
Growth of the international economy, 1820-2015 [electro Graff, Michael
How to cheat in Photoshop CC [electronic resource] : th Caplin, Steve
Imagic moments [electronic resource] : indigenous North Schweninger, Lee
Imperial Germany, 1850-1918 [electronic resource] / Edg Feuchtwanger, E. J.
Improving computer science education [electronic resour
In search of China’s development model [electronic reso
Innovative technologies to benefit children on the auti
International financial reporting [electronic resource] Melville, Alan
Introducing English grammar [electronic resource] / Ker Bo¨rjars, Kersti
Introducing functional grammar [electronic resource] / Thompson, Geoff, 1947-
Italy [electronic resource] : modern architectures in h Ghirardo, Diane
Journalism ethics [electronic resource] : arguments and Patching, Roger, 1944-
Judging civil justice [electronic resource] / Hazel Gen Genn, Hazel G.
Keenan and Riches’ business law [electronic resource] / Riches, Sarah
Labor and monopoly capital [electronic resource] : the Braverman, Harry
Law and order [electronic resource] : an honest citizen Reiner, Robert, 1946-
Lawyers and the public good [electronic resource] : dem Paterson, Alan
Leadership team coaching [electronic resource] : develo Hawkins, Peter, 1950-
Learning to read in a new language [electronic resource Gregory, Eve
Liquid life [electronic resource] / Zygmunt Bauman Bauman, Zygmunt, 1925-
Magazine editing [electronic resource] : how to develop Morrish, John, 1957-
Management & organisational behaviour [electronic resou Mullins, Laurie J.
Measurement using the new rules of measurement [electro Ostrowski, Sean D. C.
Melancholy experience in literature of the long eightee
Mergers, acquisitions, and other restructuring activiti DePamphilis, Donald M.
Moral blindness : the loss of sensitivity in liquid mod Bauman, Zygmunt, 1925-
Musical comedy on the West End stage, 1890-1939 [electr Platt, Len
Narratives from the nursery [electronic resource] : neg Osgood, Jayne
Native sons [electronic resource] : West African vetera Mann, Gregory, 1971-
Nutritionism [electronic resource] : the science and po Scrinis, Gyorgy
Occupational physiology [electronic resource] / edited
OCR computing for A level [electronic resource] / by Ch Leadbetter, Chris
OCR Computing for GCSE Student’s Book [electronic resou O’Byrne, Sean
Online@AsiaPacific [electronic resource] : mobile, soci Hjorth, Larissa
Organizational behaviour [electronic resource] / Andrze Huczynski, Andrzej
Oxygen : a four billion year history / Donald Eugene Ca Canfield, Donald E.
Performance, space, utopia [electronic resource] : citi Jestrovic, Silvija, 1970-
Performing the new Europe [electronic resource] : ide
Photo idea index [electronic resource] Krause, Jim, 1962-
Play and learning in the early years [electronic resour
Popular music culture [electronic resource] : the key c Shuker, Roy
Quality management for organizational excellence [elect Goetsch, David L.
Reading the popular [electronic resource] / John Fiske Fiske, John
Reflective practice in the sport and exercise sciences Knowles, Zoe
Research methods for business students [electronic reso Saunders, Mark, 1959-
Research methods in criminal justice and criminology [e Hagan, Frank E.
Risk [electronic resource] / Deborah Lupton Lupton, Deborah
Routledge handbook of human security / edited by Mary M
Routledge handbook of peacebuilding [electronic resourc
SAGE handbook of applied memory [electronic resource] Perfect, Timothy J.
Sanity, madness, transformation [electronic resource] : Woodman, Ross Greig
Site-specific art [electronic resource] : performance, Kaye, Nick
Solomon’s secret arts [electronic resource] : the occul Monod, Paul Kleber
Staging international feminisms [electronic resource] /
Strategic management and organisational dynamics [elect Stacey, Ralph D.
Strategic talent development [electronic resource] : de Caplan, Janice
Studying the social worlds of children [electronic reso
Teaching and learning English in the Arabic-speaking wo
Teaching materials and the roles of EFL/ESL teachers [e McGrath, Ian, 1945-
Television and screen writing [electronic resource] : f Blum, Richard A.
Television studies [electronic resource] : the key conc
The baby room [electronic resource] : principles, polic Goouch, Kathy
The boundaryless career [electronic resource] : a new e
The Cold War and after [electronic resource] : history, Trachtenberg, Marc, 1946-
The ethics of research with children and young people [ Alderson, Priscilla
The exclusive society [electronic resource] : social ex Young, Jock
The firm [electronic resource] : the inside story of th Bruce, Gary, 1969-
The handbook of interior architecture and design / edit
The moment of clarity [electronic resource] : using the Madsbjerg, Christian
The Palgrave handbook of race and ethnic inequalities i
The Routledge course in Japanese translation [electroni Hasegawa, Yo¯ko
The Routledge handbook of world Englishes [electronic r
The rule of law and the measure of property [electronic Waldron, Jeremy
The triumph of improvisation : Gorbachev’s adaptability Wilson, James, 1980-
The war of ideas [electronic resource] : Jihad against Phares, Walid, 1957-
The white planet [electronic resource] : the evolution Jouzel, Jean, 1947-
The Wiley-Blackwell handbook of the psychology of coach
Theatre in practice [electronic resource] : a student’s O’Brien, Nick, 1972-
Theories of childhood [electronic resource] : an introd Mooney, Carol Garhart
Tokens of exchange [electronic resource] : the problem
Transitions in the early years [electronic resource] :
Translation under state control [electronic resource] : Thomson-Wohlgemuth, Gaby
Turkey [electronic resource] / Sibel Bozdog‰an & Esra A Bozdog‰an, Sibel
TV content analysis [electronic resource] : techniques
Understanding intercultural communication [electronic r Holliday, Adrian
Understanding popular music culture [electronic resourc Shuker, Roy
Understanding pragmatics : an interdisciplinary approac Senft, Gunter, 1952-
Understanding stammering or stuttering [electronic reso Kelman, Elaine
United Nations peacekeeping operations [electronic reso
Viscoelastic materials [electronic resource] / Roderic Lakes, Roderic S.
War and technology [electronic resource] / Jeremy Black Black, Jeremy, 1955-
Wellbeing from birth / Rosemary Roberts Roberts, Rosemary, 1936-
Young men and masculinities [electronic resource] : glo Seidler, Victor J., 1945-
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