In the shadow of Mother’s Day

Mother cartoon photoMother’s Day looms but if you have been too busy working to remember until now or you are struggling to make it home to say hello in person, it isn’t too late.  There are lots of inexpensive ways to celebrate.

Here is a list of things you might consider, starting with the cheapest and easiest …

Saying hello online

Cheaper even than posting a home-made card is calling by phone or video-calling over the Internet.  If you have free evening and weekend calls or you both have the same video-calling software, you can surprise your mum with a special call.

 Sending a card

Cards in shops are generally quite dear, especially for special occasions and personalised cards from online retailers are even more expensive but you can make one yourself for next to nothing, although you might still have to post it.  Homemade cards also allow complete freedom of creativity, really show the effort you have invested and if you get them in the post today and post them first class, they are likely to still get there on time too!

Cooking mum a meal

If you are cunningly combining a Mother’s Day celebration with an opportunity to have mum help you pack your things into the back of the family car and take you home, it might be as well to cook for her, or at least make her a cupcake to go with the coffee you buy and pour into her favourite mug just before she arrives!  Make it extra special by cooking that signature dish your Mum taught you to cook, or something new you have learned that you think she will enjoy.

Treat vouchers

You could put the savings toward getting Mum a present, or (as charities often remind us) you could give the gift of time.  Homemade vouchers promising to do things your mum would have to do (and  dislikes doing) for her to redeem at will is a great way to make your mum happy and is potentially a good way stay in favour for weeks or months to come.

Give the gift of music

Single track digital downloads allow you to gift a carefully selected playlist of tunes for your mum online.  Obviously thoughtful and clutter-free, this is the perfect gift if your mum loves music but never buys anything for herself.

Give a gift that endures

If your mum hates clutter, why not give something that takes up no space.  For a princely sum of £25 you can pay for a book to be adopted in your mum’s name at the British Library.  You will receive a delightful book-jacket gift card as a keepsake or to personalise and a personalised downloadable “Adopt a Book” certificate you can email to your Mum.  Other charities offer similar schemes, so your mum could adopt a cuddly wild animal or something similar.

She probably has not seen you all term, or heard from you other than when you are in distress, so spending some time with you doing something she enjoys will probably come as a nice surprise.  If you share a passion and can get home tomorrow, you could always spend time with your mum instead doing something she enjoys or better still, something you both enjoy.  From Yoga to gardening to star-gazing, the possibilities are almost limitless.

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