New Books – Feb. 2014

What follows is a list of new books received in the Library during February 2014 ordered by classmark. More complete details, as well as listings from previous months,  are available on our website’s  New Books page  in the form of downloadable Excel spreadsheets.

Classmark Title Author
005.8 Advances in cyber security : technology, operation, and
005.8 Computer and information security handbook / edited by
005.8 Cyber security and IT infrastructure protection / edite
005.8 Scene of the cybercrime Cross, Michael, 1965-
006.775 Mobile usability / Jakob Nielsen, Raluca Budiu Nielsen, Jakob, 1957-
021.7 Marketing with social media : a LITA guide / edited by
155.4 Understanding children’s development / Peter K. Smith, Smith, Peter K.
155.4 Understanding children’s development / Peter K. Smith, Smith, Peter K.
155.418 Building resilience in children and teens : giving kids Ginsburg, Kenneth R.
270.6 The European reformations sourcebook / edited by Carter
300.72 Introducing qualitative research : a student’s guide / Barbour, Rosaline S.
301.01 Charles Booth : social scientist / T.S. Simey, M.B. Sim Simey, T. S. (Thomas Spensley), 1906-
302.12 Risk : negotiating safety in American society / Arwen P Mohun, Arwen, 1961-
302.17 The myth of moral panics : sex, snuff, and Satan / Bill Thompson, Bill
302.2 Multimodal discourse : the modes and media of contempor Kress, Gunther
302.23 Cult collectors : nostalgia, fandom and collecting popu Geraghty, Lincoln, 1977-
302.231 Social media : a critical introduction / Christian Fuch Fuchs, Christian
302.35 Institutions and organizations : ideas, interests, and Scott, W. Richard
302.544 Alienation : an introduction to Marx’s theory / Dan Swa Swain, Dan
303.482 Global issues / Richard J. Payne Payne, Richard J., 1949-
303.66 Orientalism and war / Tarak Barkawi and Keith Stanski (
305.23 A history of childhood : children and childhood in the Heywood, Colin
305.231 Child development : theory and practice 0-11 / Jonathan Doherty, Jonathan, 1961-
305.2340942 Changing play : play, media and commercial culture from Marsh, Jackie
305.31 The hearts of men : American dreams and the flight from Ehrenreich, Barbara
306.36 Social theory at work / edited by Marek Korczynski, Ran
306.44 Understanding politeness / Da´niel Z. Ka´dar, Michael H Ka´da´r, Da´niel Z., 1979-
306.46 OUr biometric future : facial recognition technology an Gates, Kelly
306.47 Art and social theory : sociological arguments in aesth Harrington, Austin, 1970-
306.483 Sport, culture and society : an introduction Jarvie, Grant, 1955-
306.48309411 Bigotry, football and Scotland : perspectives and debat
306.60945 Un cantiere senza progetto : l’Italia delle religioni :
306.872 Parental conflict : outcomes and interventions for chil Reynolds, Jenny
306.9 Mirrors of mortality : social studies in the history of
307.740973 Crabgrass frontier : the suburbanization of the United Jackson, Kenneth T.
320.01 Power, realism, and constructivism / Stefano Guzzini Guzzini, Stefano
320.3 Comparative politics / editor, Daniele Caramani
320.94 Governance and European civil society : governmentality Kutay, Acar
320.951 Remaking the Chinese state : strategies, society, and s
320.973 Black over white : negro political leadership in South Holt, Thomas C. (Thomas Cleveland), 1942-
323.168 South Africa : the rise and fall of apartheid / Nancy L Clark, Nancy L.
325.3440966 The end of empire in French West Africa : France’s succ Chafer, Tony
326.80973 Freedom : a documentary history of emancipation, 1861-1
327.101 Foreign policy analysis : new approaches / Chris Alden Alden, Chris
327.12 The art and science of intelligence analysis / Julian R Richards, Julian
327.73 Bending history : Barack Obama’s foreign policy / Marti Indyk, Martin
328.380917124 Interest representation in the European Union / Justin Greenwood, Justin, 1960-
328.380917124 Interest representation in the European Union / Justin Greenwood, Justin, 1960-
328.380917124 Lobbying in the European Union : interest groups, lobby Klu¨ver, Heike
330.947086 Europeanization, varieties of capitalism and economic p Cernat, Lucian
330.94771 How Ukraine became a market economy and democracy / And A°slund, Anders, 1952-
331 Introducing employment relations : a critical approach Williams, Steve, 1968-
331.2 The promise and limits of private power : promoting lab Locke, Richard M., 1959-
332 Money, banking, and financial markets / Stephen G. Cecc Cecchetti, Stephen G. (Stephen Giovanni)
340.0148 Index to legal citations and abbreviations / Donald Rai Raistrick, Donald
340.03 A dictionary of law / edited by Jonathan Law, Elizabeth
340.07 Legal foundations / Keir Bamford and six others Bamford, Keir
340.0941 Learning legal rules : a students’ guide to legal metho Holland, James A.
341.2422 European Union governance : effectiveness and legitimac Heard-Laureóte, Karen
341.2422 Foster on EU law / Professor Nigel Foster, FRSA, Visiti Foster, Nigel G.
341.2422 The substantive law of the EU : the four freedoms / Cat Barnard, Catherine
342.41085 Blackstone’s guide to the Freedom of Information Act 20 Wadham, John, 1952-
342.41085 The United Kingdom’s statutory Bill of Rights : constit
343.410999 Computer law
343.410999 Information technology and intellectual property law / Bainbridge, David I.
344.4101 Employment law / Gillian Phillips, Karen Scott Phillips, Gillian, MA, LLM
344.4101 Employment law / Roger Welch and Caroline Strevens Welch, Roger
344.41031 Quick guide to community care practice and the law / Mi Mandelstam, Michael, 1956-
344.41041 Principles of medical law
345.01 Rough justice : the International Criminal Court in a w Bosco, David L.
345.05 Major criminal justice systems : a comparative survey /
345.41 Criminal law and practice / by Stephen Forster Forster, Stephen
345.41052 Blackstone’s police manual Connor, Paul
345.41052 Blackstone’s police operational handbook 2014
346.41013 Monaghan on equality law / Karon Monaghan Monaghan, Karon
346.41032 Personal injury and clinical negligence litigation / Ju Mardell, Julie
346.41043 Maudsley & Burn’s land law : cases & materials Burn, Edward Hector
346.41043 Property law and practice / Clare Harris and Anne Rodel Harris, Clare
346.410434 Emerald home lawyer guide to landlord and tenant law / McQueen, John
346.41048 Intellectual property law in the United Kingdom / Colin Davies, Colin
346.410662 Butterworths insolvency law handbook
346.410662 Insolvency law : corporate and personal / Andrew Keay a Keay, Andrew R.
346.410662 Insolvency law handbook / Vernon Dennis Dennis, Vernon
346.4107 Commercial dispute resolution / Michael Waring, LLB Waring, Michael, solicitor
350 Making and managing public policy / Karen Johnston Mill Miller, Karen Johnston
350 Strategy : a history / Lawrence Freedman Freedman, Lawrence
352.008 If mayors ruled the world : dysfunctional nations, risi Barber, Benjamin R., 1939-
361.7 Charities in the non-western world : the development an
362.4 Disabling barriers – enabling environments / edited by
362.5577 Non-governmental development organizations and the pove Makuwira, Jonathan
362.710941 Ending child poverty by 2020 : the first five years / e
362.88 Victimology : the essentials / Leah E. Daigle Daigle, Leah E.
363.2 Global community policing : problems and challenges / e
363.20941 The politics of the police / Robert Reiner Reiner, Robert, 1946-
363.232 Intelligence : investigation, community and partnership Harfield, Clive
363.232 Surveillance or security? : the risks posed by new wire Landau, Susan Eva
363.25 Forensic approaches to buried remains / John Hunter, Ba Hunter, John, 1949-
363.254 The art of investigative interviewing Black, Inge Sebyan
363.2562 Identification : investigation, trial and scientific ev Bogan, Paul S.
363.25968 Cybercrime investigation case studies : an excerpt from Shavers, Brett
363.325 Cyber war will not take place / Thomas Rid Rid, Thomas, 1975-
363.325 Terrorism and counter-terrorism : ethics and liberal de Miller, Seumas
363.3250973 Homegrown violent extremism / Erroll Southers Southers, Erroll G. (Erroll Gregory)
364 Comparative criminal justice / Francis Pakes Pakes, Francis J.
364 Crime, culture and the media / Eamonn Carrabine Carrabine, Eamonn
364 Criminology : a reader / edited by Yvonne Jewkes and Ga
364 Criminology : a sociological introduction / Eamonn Carr
364 Globalization & crime / Katja Franko Aas Aas, Katja Franko
364 Key perspectives in criminology / John Tierney Tierney, John J. (John Joseph), 1940-
364.15 Hate crime : concepts, policy, future directions / edit
364.15 In the name of hate : understanding hate crimes / Barba Perry, Barbara, 1962-
364.15 The hate debate : should hate be punished as a crime? /
364.18 Emerging issues in green criminology : exploring power,
364.25 Criminalising social policy : anti-social behaviour and Rodger, John J.
364.3 Addressing offending behaviour : context, practice, val
364.3 The behavioural analysis of crime : studies in David Ca
364.360941 Out of sight : crime, youth and exclusion in modern Bri McAuley, Robert
364.4 Crime reduction partnerships / Colin Rogers Rogers, Colin, 1955-
364.630942 Probation : working with offenders / Rob Canton Canton, Robert
365.450947 The history of the Gulag : from collectivization to the Khlevniuk, Oleg V.
365.643 Risk and rehabilitation : management and treatment of s
370.15 Learning theories for teachers / Morris L. Bigge, S. Sa Bigge, Morris L.
370.95 Education reform and education policy in East Asia / Ka Mok, Ka-Ho, 1964-
370.951 The education of migrant children and China’s future : Ming, Holly H.
371.710941 Mental health in schools : a guide to pastoral and curr Prever, Mark
371.97 Diversity & inclusion in early childhood : an introduct Devarakonda, Chandrika
372.1102 Inclusive primary teaching : a critical approach to equ Goepel, Janet
372.21 Early years policy and practice : a critical alliance / Tomlinson, Pat
372.21 Leadership in early childhood : the pathway to professi Rodd, Jillian
372.21 Supporting young children’s sustained shared thinking : Dowling, Marion
372.21 The baby room : principles, policy and practice / Kathy Goouch, Kathy
372.21019 Exploring well-being in the early years / edited by Jul
372.210941 Observation, assessment and planning in the early years Brodie, Kathy
372.210941 Play and practice in the early years foundation stage /
372.210941 Reflective practice and early years professionalism / J Lindon, Jennie
372.210941 Sustaining shared thinking : supporting thinking skills Clarke, Jenni
372.210941 The new early years foundation stage : changes, challen
372.210941 The revised EYFS in practice : thinking, reflecting and Langston, Ann
372.210942 Using evidence for advocacy and resistance in early yea
401.93 How languages are learned / Patsy M. Lightbown and Nina Lightbown, Patsy
407.1 Literature / Alan Maley and Alan Duff Maley, Alan, 1937-
420.141 Fixed expressions and idioms in English : a corpus-base Moon, Rosamund
428.20246583 Cambridge English for human resources / George Sandford Sandford, George
428.20246583 English for human resources / Pat Pledger Pledger, Pat
428.24 Cambridge IELTS 9 : authentic examination papers from C
428.24 Complete IELTS Wyatt, Rawdon
467 Manual de dialectologiá espanõla / Vicente García de D Garciá de Diego, Vicente, 1878-
509.2 Learning from Leonardo : decoding the notebooks of a ge Capra, Fritjof
511.1 Discrete mathematics with applications / Susanna S. Epp Epp, Susanna S.
519.502465 A step by step introduction to statistics for business Landers, Richard N.
519.50285 IBM SPSS for introductory statistics : use and interpre
519.50285 SPSS survival manual : a step by step guide to data ana Pallant, Julie
614.1 The science of forensic entomology / David B. Rivers, G Rivers, David B.
615.842 Walter and Miller’s textbook of radiotherapy : radiatio
618.928589 Exploring ADHD : an ethnography of disorder in early ch Bailey, Simon, 1978-
620.0042 Creo parametric 2.0 : intermediate design / Steven G. S Smith, Steven G. (Steven Giger), 1957-
620.0042 Creo parametric 2.0 : introduction to surface modelling Smith, Steven G. (Steven Giger), 1957-
620.0042 Creo parametric 2.0 : mechanism dynamics and engineerin Smith, Steven G. (Steven Giger), 1957-
620.0042 Creo parametric 2.0 for designers / Sham Tickoo Tickoo, Sham
620.0042 Creo parametric: 2.0 : advanced design / Steven G. Smit Smith, Steven G. (Steven Giger), 1957-
620.0042 Creo parametric: 2.0 : introduction to detail drawing / Smith, Steven G. (Steven Giger), 1957-
621.310285 Applied cyber security and the smart grid : implementin Knapp, Eric D.
621.38928 Handbook of surveillance technologies / J.K. Petersen Petersen, Julie K.
621.815 Machine component design / Robert C. Juvinall, Kurt M. Juvinall, Robert C.
628.2109492 Atlas of Dutch water cities / editors; Fransje Hooimeij
658.022 Entrepreneurship and small firms Deakins, David, 1950-
658.054 ITIL foundation handbook / Cabinet Office Great Britain, Cabinet Office
658.11 Resourcing the start-up business : creating dynamic ent Jones, Oswald
658.15224 Bids, tenders and proposals : winning business through Lewis, Harold, 1933-
658.155 Value at risk : the new benchmark for managing financia Jorion, Philippe, 1955-
658.3 Human resource management / John Martin Martin, John, 1957-
658.303 The global diversity desk reference : managing an inter
658.304 Managing diversity : toward a globally inclusive workpl Mor-Barak, Micha`lle E.
658.314 Employee engagement in theory and practice / edited by
658.4032854 Management information systems : managing the digital f Laudon, Kenneth C., 1944-
658.4033 Quantitative methods for business / Donald Waters Waters, C. D. J. (C. Donald J.), 1949-
658.406 Managing change : enquiry and action / Nic Beech and Ro Beech, Nic
658.42 Entrepreneurship in theory and practice : paradoxes in
658.45 Power and politeness in the workplace : a sociolinguist Holmes, Janet
658.47 Information security management principles / Andy Taylo
658.47 The handbook of security / edited by Martin Gill
658.5 Operations management Slack, Nigel
658.8 Marketing : concepts and strategies / Sally Dibb … et
658.8 Strategic marketing : creating competitive advantage / West, Douglas C.
658.80964795 Restaurant marketing for owners and managers / Patti J. Shock, Patti J.
658.83 Basic marketing research / Naresh K. Malhotra Malhotra, Naresh K.
658.83 Marketing research : an applied approach Malhotra, Naresh K.
658.9179 Event planning : ethics and etiquette : a principled ap Allen, Judy, 1952-
659.2 The practice of public relations / Fraser P. Seitel Seitel, Fraser P.
700.904 Art Deco / Norbert Wolf Wolf, Norbert
700.951 The Chinese art book / contributors, Katie Hill, Keith
701.8 The language of colour : an introduction / Theo van Lee Van Leeuwen, Theo, 1947-
709.05 Wild art / David Carrier, Joachim Pissarro Carrier, David, 1944-
709.7 Art & place : site-specific art of the Americas
720.1 Design research in architecture : an overview / edited
741.6092 A life in illustration : the most famous illustrators a
741.64 Looking at pictures in picture books / Jane Doonan Doonan, Jane
741.642 Little big books : illustrations for children’s picture
741.672 Illustration Now! : Fashion / editor, Julius Wiedemann
746.3 Tapestry weaving / Kirsten Glasbrook Glasbrook, Kirsten
746.92 Fashion in detail, 1700-2000 / edited by Claire Wilcox
746.92 The anatomy of fashion : why we dress the way we do / C McDowell, Colin
746.920922 100 contemporary fashion designers = 100 zeitgeno¨ssisc
769.904 Kitaj prints : a catalogue raisonne´ / Jennifer Ramkala Kitaj, R. B.
769.904 The art deco poster / William W. Crouse ; introduction Crouse, William W.
770.9 Photography : a cultural history / Mary Warner Marien Marien, Mary Warner
770.92 Guy Bourdin – a message for you / curated and written b Bourdin, Guy
779 The Home Front / by Melanie Friend Friend, Melanie, 1957-
780.07 A house full of music : strategies in music and art / e
782.81 Into the woods [sound recording] / music and lyrics by
782.812 6 plays by Rodgers and Hammerstein / Richard Rodgers an Rodgers, Richard, 1902-1979
796.09431 Sport under communism : behind the East German ‘miracle Dennis, Mike, 1940-
801.95 The deaths of the author : reading and writing in time Gallop, Jane, 1952-
809 Influx : essays on literary influence / edited by Ronal
809 Maps of the imagination : the writer as cartographer / Turchi, Peter, 1960-
809.3872 Crime and detective fiction / editor, Rebecca Martin, P
810.72 Burning water / George Bowering Bowering, George, 1935-
810.72 Slaughterhouse-five, or, The children’s crusade : a dut Vonnegut, Kurt, 1922-
820.3 Masquing cultural difference : cross-cultural encounter Randonis, Jennifer L.
820.6 Cranford / Elizabeth Gaskell Gaskell, Elizabeth Cleghorn, 1810-1865
820.6 The practical Ruskin : economics and audience in the la Austin, Linda Marilyn
820.60931 Murdering to dissect : grave-robbing, Frankenstein and Marshall, Timothy
820.71 Edward Thomas / R. George Thomas Thomas, R. George (Richard George), 1914-
909.83 After empire : the birth of a multipolar world / Dilip Hiro, Dilip
940.2 The Longman handbook of early modern Europe 1453-1763 / Cook, Chris, 1945-
940.431 The ironclads of Cambrai / by Bryan Cooper Cooper, Bryan
940.531503924 Holocaust literature : a handbook of critical, historic
941.06 The seventeenth century / edited by Jenny Wormald
941.062 Why was Charles I executed? / Clive Holmes Holmes, Clive, 1943-
941.082 Churchill’s empire : the world that made him and the wo Toye, Richard, 1973-
941.082 The roar of the lion : the untold story of Churchill’s Toye, Richard, 1973-
942 The English court : from the Wars of the Roses to the C
942.05 The debate on the English Reformation / Rosemary O’Day O’Day, Rosemary
942.062 Civil War : the wars of the three kingdoms 1638-1660 / Royle, Trevor
943.085 Rethinking the Weimar republic : authority and authorit McElligott, Anthony, 1955-
951.24905 Cold War island : Quemoy on the front line / Michael Sz Szonyi, Michael
951.25 East and West : the last governor of Hong Kong on power Patten, Christopher, 1944-
956.9405 Arik : the life of Ariel Sharon / David Landau Landau, David, 1947-
968.06 Mandela : the authorized biography / Anthony Sampson Sampson, Anthony, 1926-2004
973.9 The proud decades : America in war and in peace 1941-19 Diggins, John Patrick
973.92 The social media president : Barack Obama and the polit Katz, James Everett
973.922 Kennedy : a cultural history of an American icon / Mark White, Mark J.
973.922 The assassination of John F. Kennedy : political trauma George, Alice L., 1952-
electronic ed. 9 Roach, Kent
electronic ed. 1000 tips by 100 fashion designers / Carolina Cermedo Cermedo, Carolina
electronic ed. A future for policing in England and Wales / Brian Timo Brain, Timothy
electronic ed. A history of childhood [electronic resource] : children Heywood, Colin
electronic ed. Above the pavement–the farm! : architecture & agricult
electronic ed. Accountability for killing : moralresponsibility for co Crawford, Neta
electronic ed. Act of reading : a theory of aesthetic response Iser, Wolfgang
electronic ed. Action research : principles and practice McNiff, Jean
electronic ed. Addressing offending behaviour [electronic resource] :
electronic ed. Advances in cyber security [electronic resource] : tech
electronic ed. Advertising and the artist : Ashley Havinden / Michael
electronic ed. Affective performance and cognitive science : body, bra
electronic ed. Afghanistan in the balance : counterinsurgency, compreh Ehrhart, Hans-Georg. Gareis
electronic ed. Africa in world politics [electronic resource] : engagi
electronic ed. Afritecture : building social change / edited by Andres
electronic ed. After Pinochet [electronic resource] : the Chilean road
electronic ed. Afterlife of empire Bailkin, Jordanna
electronic ed. Aftermath of suffrage : women, gender, and politics in
electronic ed. Against security : how we go wrongat airports, subways, Molotch, Harvey Luskin
electronic ed. Against world literature : on the politics of untransla Apter, Emily S
electronic ed. Ages of voluntarism : how we got to the big society
electronic ed. Agropolis [electronic resource] : the social, political
electronic ed. Algorithms for visual design using the Processing langu Terzidis, Kostas, 1962-
electronic ed. Almodóvar on Almodóvar / [Pedro Almodóvar] / edited by Almodóvar, Pedro, 1951-
electronic ed. Alternative business : outlaws, crime and culture Parker, Martin
electronic ed. American comic book chronicles : the 1960s, 1960-64 Wells, John
electronic ed. American comic book chronicles : the 1980s, 1980-1989 Dallas, Keith
electronic ed. American comic book chronicles. The 1950s Schelly, William
electronic ed. An atlas of trafficking in Southeast Asia [electronic r
electronic ed. An introduction to revenue management for the hospitali Tranter, Kimberly A.
electronic ed. Analysing architecture / Simon Unwin Unwin, Simon, 1952-
electronic ed. Anatomy of Violence: The Biological Roots of Crime Raine, Adrian
electronic ed. Annotated classic fairy tales TATAR, MARLA
electronic ed. Anything goes [electronic resource] : a history of Amer Mordden, Ethan, 1947-
electronic ed. Applied cyber security and the smart grid [electronic r Knapp, Eric D.
electronic ed. Applied Issues in Investigative Interviewing, Eyewitnes Cooper, Barry S.
electronic ed. Approach and language [electronic resource] / Gavin Amb Ambrose, Gavin
electronic ed. Aquatopia : the imaginary of the ocean deep / edited by
electronic ed. Architectural design [electronic resource] / Jane Ander Anderson, Jane
electronic ed. Architecture and interior design from the 19th century. Harwood, Buie
electronic ed. Art and destruction
electronic ed. Art as therapy / Alain de Botton, John Armstrong De Botton, Alain
electronic ed. Assessment and treatment of sexualoffenders with intell
electronic ed. Atlas of the English Civil War Newman, P.R
electronic ed. Atlas of trafficking in Southeast Asia : the illegal tr
electronic ed. Atrocity, deviance, and submarine warfare : norms and p Ben-Yehuda, Nachman
electronic ed. Basics advertising [electronic resource] Mahon, Nik
electronic ed. Batman [electronic resource] / edited by Liam Burke : F
electronic ed. Ben Jonson : a life. Ian Donaldson Donaldson, Ian
electronic ed. Bending history [electronic resource] : Barack Obama’s Indyk, Martin
electronic ed. Beslan : six stories of the siege Harding, Sue-Ann
electronic ed. Bids, tenders and proposals [electronic resource] : win Lewis, Harold, 1933-
electronic ed. Biological and geological perspectives of dinoflagellat
electronic ed. Blackhatonomics : an inside look at the economics of cy Gragido, Will
electronic ed. Blackstone’s guide to the Proceedsof Crime Act 2002 Rees, Edward
electronic ed. Blast of war : destruction in the English Civil Wars Porter, S. (Stephen)
electronic ed. Body style [electronic resource] / Theresa M. Winge Winge, Theresa M.
electronic ed. Boundaries of the literary archive: reclamation and rep
electronic ed. Boyfriend Wilson, Sandy
electronic ed. Brave blue line : 100 years of Metropolitan polic galla Kirby, Dick
electronic ed. Breaking rules : the social and situational dynamics of Wikstroem, Per-Olof H
electronic ed. British Constitution : continuity and change : a festsc Qvortrup, Mads
electronic ed. British firearms law handbook Saunsbury, Laura
electronic ed. British foreign policy, national identity, and neoclass Hadfield, Amelia
electronic ed. British revolution, 1629-1660 Macinnes, Allan I
electronic ed. Browning’s hatreds Karlin, Daniel
electronic ed. Building SPSS graphs to understand data / James O. Aldr Aldrich, James O.
electronic ed. Business ethics and values [electronic resource] : indi Fisher, C. M. (Colin M.)
electronic ed. Cain on screen : contemporary Spanish cinema Deveny, Thomas G
electronic ed. Cambrai 1917 : the birth of armoured warfare Turner, Alexander
electronic ed. Cambridge companion to Greek and Roman theatre
electronic ed. Cambridge companion to Victorian culture
electronic ed. Cambridge history of the American novel Cassuto, Leonard
electronic ed. Cambridge introduction to Franz Kafka Duttlinger, Carolin
electronic ed. Can we teach children to be good? [electronic resource] Straughan, Roger
electronic ed. Capturing Colour [electronic resource] / Phil Malpas Malpas, Phil
electronic ed. Casebook on contract law [electronic resource] / Jill P Poole, Jill
electronic ed. CEO’s Manual on Cyber Security Scott, James
electronic ed. Change your mind : 57 ways to unlock your creative self Judkins, Rod
electronic ed. Charles Dickens and the Victorian child : romanticizing Malkovich, Amberyl
electronic ed. Charles Maurras : le maitre et l’action Dard, O
electronic ed. Charlotte Bronte. Patsy Stoneman Stoneman, Patsy
electronic ed. Child development [electronic resource] : theory and pr Doherty, Jonathan, 1961-
electronic ed. Child health psychology : a biopsychosocial perspective Turner-Cobb, Julie
electronic ed. Child soldier victims of genocidalforcible transfer : e Grover, Sonja C
electronic ed. Childhood and child labour in industrial England [elect
electronic ed. Children as citizens : engaging with the child’s voice Harris, Pauline
electronic ed. Children’s literature : an illustrated history
electronic ed. Children’s play [electronic resource] / W. George Scarl
electronic ed. Chorus line Hamlisch, Marvin
electronic ed. CIA, the British left and the ColdWar : calling the tun Wilford, Hugh
electronic ed. Cine tech : film, convergence, andnew media Keane, Stephen
electronic ed. Cinema of Michael Winterbottom : borders, intimacy, ter Bennett, Bruce
electronic ed. Cities for smart environmental and energy futures [elec
electronic ed. City farmer [electronic resource] : adventures in urban Johnson, Lorraine
electronic ed. City that became safe : New York’slessons for urban cri Zimring, Franklin E
electronic ed. Civil wars in Britain and Ireland,: 1638-1651 Bennett, Martyn
electronic ed. Classic fairy tales : texts, criticism
electronic ed. Clinical negligence : a practitioner’s handbook Cameron, Cecily
electronic ed. Cloud computing law
electronic ed. Coaching and learning in schools [electronic resource] Gornall, Sarah
electronic ed. Cognitive style and perceptual difference in Browning’s Bailey, Suzanne
electronic ed. Cold case research : resources forunidentified, missing Pettem, Silvia
electronic ed. Colonial West Africa [electronic resource] : collected Crowder, Michael
electronic ed. Companion to Stuart Britain
electronic ed. Comparative children’s literature : based on her book, O’Sullivan, Emer
electronic ed. Comparative criminal justice [electronic resource] / Fr Pakes, Francis J.
electronic ed. Comparative employment relations :in the global economy
electronic ed. Comparative literature in an age of globalization. edit Saussy, Haun
electronic ed. Computer and information security handbook [electronic
electronic ed. Conferencing and restorative justice : international pr
electronic ed. Conservative Party and European integration since 1945 Crowson, N. J
electronic ed. Constructing cultural tourism : John Ruskin and the tou Hanley, Keith
electronic ed. Construction of martyrdom in the English Catholic commu Dillon, Anne
electronic ed. Consumer’s republic : the politicsof mass consumption i Cohen, Lizabeth
electronic ed. Contemporary art in the United Kingdom / edited by John
electronic ed. Contemporary security studies / edited by Alan Collins
electronic ed. Context and narrative [electronic resource] / Maria Sho Short, Maria
electronic ed. Continuous productive urban landscapes [electronic reso
electronic ed. Controlling crime, controlling society [electronic reso Melossi, Dario, 1948-
electronic ed. Corporate social responsibility, human rights and the l Amao, Olufemi
electronic ed. Corrections : the essentials Stohr, Mary K
electronic ed. Countering fraud for competitive advantage : the profes Button, Mark
electronic ed. Covert investigation Harfield, Clive
electronic ed. Crack cocaine users : high societyand low life in South Briggs, Daniel
electronic ed. Creative research [electronic resource] : the theory an Collins, Hilary
electronic ed. Crime and corruption in new democracies : the politics Moran, Jon
electronic ed. Crime and detective fiction [electronic resource] / edi
electronic ed. Crime and punishment : a concise moral critique Gross, Hyman
electronic ed. Crime and social policy
electronic ed. Crime prevention : a critical introduction Evans, Karen
electronic ed. Crime prevention [electronic resource] : a critical int Evans, Karen, 1961-
electronic ed. Crime reduction and community safety : Labour and the p Gilling, Daniel
electronic ed. Criminal entrepreneurship Gottschalk, Petter
electronic ed. Criminal law Herring, Jonathan
electronic ed. Criminal law [electronic resource] / Michael Jefferson Jefferson, Michael, M.A
electronic ed. Criminal profiling : accuracy or inaccuracy
electronic ed. Criminal profiling : Part 2
electronic ed. Criminal profiling : part one
electronic ed. Criminal profiling [electronic resource] : principles a Kocsis, Richard N.
electronic ed. Criminal resistance? [electronic resource] : the politi Oriola, Temitope B.
electronic ed. Criminology : a complete introduction Joyce, Peter
electronic ed. Criminology : the essentials Treadwell, James
electronic ed. Criminology : theory and context / John Tierney Tierney, John
electronic ed. Criminology [electronic resource] : a reader / edited b
electronic ed. Criminology [electronic resource] : a sociological intr
electronic ed. Criminology [electronic resource] : theory and context Tierney, John
electronic ed. Critical criminology [electronic resource] : issues, de
electronic ed. Critical multimodal studies of popular discourse / edit
electronic ed. Critical perspectives on child sexual exploitation and
electronic ed. Cross-border law enforcement [electronic resource] : re
electronic ed. Crown Of Wild Olive And Other Essays and Lectures (Illu Ruskin, John
electronic ed. Culture of sentiment : race, gender, and sentimentality
electronic ed. Culture, environmental action, and sustainability [elec International Association for People-Environm
electronic ed. Cyber security and IT infrastructure protection [electr
electronic ed. Cyber war : the next threat to national security and wh Clarke, Richard A. (Richard Alan)
electronic ed. Cyber war will not take place [electronic resource] / T Rid, Thomas, 1975-
electronic ed. Cybercrime and cloud forensics [electronic resource] :
electronic ed. Cybercrime Investigation Case Studies [electronic resou Shavers, Brett
electronic ed. Cybersecurity and Cyberwar Singer, Peter W
electronic ed. Cybersecurity and cyberwar [electronic resource] : what Singer, P. W. (Peter Warren)
electronic ed. David Chipperfield Architects / editor, Rik Nys
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electronic ed. Visual research [electronic resource] : an introduction Noble, Ian
electronic ed. Voyageau coeur d’une France fasciste et catholique inte Maye, M
electronic ed. War Crimes, Genocide, and Justice:A Global History Crowe, David
electronic ed. Wayfinding : designing and implementing graphic navigat Berger, Craig M
electronic ed. Well-being in the early years. by Caroline Bligh [and s Bligh, Caroline
electronic ed. What has nature ever done for us? : how money really do Juniper, Tony
electronic ed. What’s in the picture? : responding to illustrations in
electronic ed. Whiteness, class and the legacies of empire : on home g Tyler, Katharine
electronic ed. Wildlife Crime : Government Response to the Cthird Repo Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons:
electronic ed. Wildlife crime : the making of an investigations office Dick, Dave
electronic ed. Wildlife DNA analysis : applications in forensic scienc Linacre, Adrian
electronic ed. Wildlife trafficking : a deconstruction of the crime, t Wyatt, Tanya
electronic ed. William Morris’s utopia of strangers : Victorian mediev Waithe, Marcus
electronic ed. Wine and food handbook : aide-memoire for the sommelier Tuor, Conrad
electronic ed. Women in Shakespeare : a dictionary. Alison Findlay Findlay, Alison
electronic ed. Women of the Republic : intellect and ideology in revol Kerber, Linda K
electronic ed. Women’s albums and photography in Victorian England : l Di Bello, Patrizia
electronic ed. Words and pictures / Quentin Blake Blake, Quentin
electronic ed. World literature : a reader
electronic ed. World Literature in Theory
electronic ed. World literature in theory / edited by David Damrosch
electronic ed. Worlds of John Ruskin Jackson, Kevin
electronic ed. Writers in a Landscape Hooker, Jeremy (Professor
electronic ed. Writing for television, radio, andnew media. Robert L. Hilliard, Robert L
electronic ed. Writing the history of the global : challenges for the
electronic ed. Wrongful convictions and miscarriages of justice [elect
electronic ed. YouTube : online video and participatory culture / Jean Burgess, Jean (Jean Elizabeth)
electronic ed. Zombie politics and culture in theage of casino capital Giroux, Henry A

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