Busy Day

It’s Wedding Day at the Library today with one of our colleagues getting hitched. Whether it’s a traditional religious ceremony, a themed event or a snap decision on holiday, here’s something that may help you choose what to do if you really want to do that sort of thing:


In other news, today is White Cane Safety Day in the USA. This is a day celebrating the achievments of people who are blind or visually impaired:


This day is also Global Handwashing Day which seeks to encourage people to wash hands with soap. With all manner of bugs, pandemics and other not-so-nice things running riot at this time of year the advice the website gives may be quite useful:


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3 comments on “Busy Day
  1. reden says:

    Great minds think alike, eh?

    or is that great minds like a think…

  2. tc says:

    Presumably global leaders the world over can also take advantage of ‘Global Hand Washing day’ to make it clear their most pressing problems are, of course, nothing to do with them.

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