In a shameless act of self-publicity, this new contributor to TOTD draws your attention to the fact that he will be treading the boards this week in an amateur production of the play by P.G.Wodehouse and Ian Hay, “Leave it to Psmith” (like our Library’s red zone, the “P” is silent).


HATS, as this particular amdram society is known,  seems to have a growing number of members who hail from the University, including staff from Information Services, the Nursery, Chaplaincy, SSHLS and the Library.

Fans of “Plum” may also be interested in this competition to win the entire Wodehouse paperback collection, worth more than £350.


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One comment on “Wodehouse
  1. Linda says:

    The Wodehouse site is charming. Can’t decide which random generator I prefer the one for cocktails or the one for quotes.

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