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  1. Fair point. The 200 limit is a bit frustrating. And thank you for the names to investigate. Just a few more web 2.0 things to keep track of!

    One of the advantages of LibraryThing though is the synergy generated by so many paeople joining in. I don’t know what the user figures for reader2 etc are yet, but the interesting/useful bits of LibraryThing come from the mass of data that so many individuals have helped compile. Where else could you find, for example, so many books about haiku from Romania?!

  2. there are actually a lot more sites similar to this around the internet. i like librarything’s layout and user-friendliness but the only down part is we only get to catalog 200 books for free and the rest have to be paid a lifetime fee. others like reader2, shelfari, gurulib, allconsuming, delicious library, bookpedia and goodreads are free, though librarything seems to be the best in terms of features.

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