Library opens 24/7 until Xmas

The Library at duskThe Library is now open continuously until the start of the Christmas Vacation Period.  You read it right – we never close.  We will repeat our continous opening from the start of the next term until everyone goes home in early June.

While this is good news for early risers and late workers, we would like to point out that there is only so much work you can usefully attempt to do in a day, and that University is a long journey.  Make sure you get enough exercise, rest, social time and regular sleep every day to unwind, keep well, and keep going strong!  There is more to life than work.  Now be honest, you never expected to find your library telling you that at the start of term, did you?

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Love your (online) reading lists

Your reading lists are your friends.  They are resources your lecturers feel are particularly good for your course.  They show you what to read and use first for your assignments.  Each item has a blue button alongside it that either shows you how many copies of a book are available and where they are shelved or takes you straight through to the ebook, journal article or other electronic (online) resource you need to read.  They make life easier and save you time!

Read more ›

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Work anywhere with the VPN or web proxy

Student working at laptopYou can use all the library’s premium subscription resources from anywhere for freeas if you were on campus.  In order to enjoy the full experience, including making group study room bookings and getting to use some otherwise ‘campus only’ resources, you need to set up either the VPN or web proxy service on your computer.

Click Read more below for details of how to set up the VPN and web proxy services on you computer. Read more ›

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APA (6th ed.) referencing booklets now available in print

Printed APA (6th ed.) referencing booklets are once again available for you to collect from the Library Help Desk.  This updated version of the booklet includes an expanded explanation of why you need to reference things you use in your academic work and outlines the ground rules and idiosyncracies of the APA referencing system.  If you prefer to read a pdf download, you can find the guide online in our Library Guides collection.

Remember that Referencing@Portsmouth offers even more comprehensive referencing guidance for every referencing system we support, and goes well beyond the scope of any printed booklet we could produce.  Library staff are also referencing experts and are here to help explain how referencing works and answer your referencing queries.  You can get in touch at any time: our out-of-hours team staff chat outside library working hours so you can get instant answers by phone or online chat 24/7 every day of the year!

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I suggest you make a suggestion!

It’s been awfully quiet without you – so come on, tell us what you think!

Welcome back and a warm welcome to our new students!

Over the summer we’ve missed you here at the library. We have particularly missed reading the thoughts and the ideas you add to the Online Suggestion Box found on the Library homepage, and through the postcards you post to us in the postbox on the ground floor (but please don’t put stamped letters in the the postbox, it’s not a real one!).

If you didn’t know, or hadn’t realised (I can’t believe that’s possible) – your Library is driven by student led change. We listen to your ideas and wherever practical or possible, we act upon them. For example, last year you asked for cosy blankets for long, cold nights of study and we gave you blankets (sorry about the boring grey colour). Its down to you that we also kept the study rooms open to create extra space during busy periods in the library; and due to your requests, the ground floor was refurbished and fitted with air-conditioning to  make the library more comfortable in summer. Your suggestions make a real difference.

On the Library Website, you can read the suggestions made by others and you can add your voice to theirs too.  You can even comment on our feedback. Good or bad, we love hearing what you have to say, and often you make us smile – especially when you say nice things like “just keep being you!”

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Take a personal tour of the library (wherever you are)

Library Help DeskMany people find the library surprisingly large but as soon as you become familiar with what is where it will begin to feel like a second home.  To help you settle in and find everything you need, we have produced a virtual tour you can take online from anywhere and an audio tour you can listen to while you wander around the library, to help you get the gist of the general layout and facilities.

Don’t be shy of asking our friendly staff anything, from where to find the toilets to how to find your books.  You can find us all year just inside the turnstiles at the bright and cheerful Library Help Desk and you can ask us questions at any time of day or night through our online chat service.  Give it a go, you might be surprised how much easier it makes you life!

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Empty nests

Kitchen utensilsThe Autumn Term at the University of Portsmouth has always been my favourite. It’s when we get to meet all of our new students, and the excitement in the air is palpable. The Autumn Term brings with it that “first day at school” feeling, albeit on a more grown-up scale, although to me many of our first years appear as wide-eyed as those five-year-olds on their first day at infant school and I’m betting that everyone starting now has a new pencil case and backpack too, even if none of them would ever admit it! Read more ›

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Copyright killed the YouTube star

mp3 playerYou would imagine that if you record yourself playing music that is long out of copyright, J S Bach for example, on the piano in your bedroom, and post it to your YouTube channel, that no-one is going to accuse you of breaching copyright.  And you would be right.  That said, copyright is no longer policed by people but by AIs reducing performances to complex digital signatures and comparing them.

In a recent debacle, software employed by Sony inadvertently confused an original recording with a performance by famed pianist Glen Gould that was owned by Sony and demanded YouTube take down the video for copyright infringement.  Effectively, the AI run copyright enforcement system has taken upon itself to outlaw anything too closely resembling any performance recorded and owned by a recording company.  This alarming development clearly threatens creativity and performance sharing.  It is another sign that we live in some of the most rapidly developing, interesting, and culturally dangerous times in history.

Read more about the changing landscape of automated online copyright enforcement.

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Welcome (back) everyone: Library opening hours and how we can help

Welcome aboardA big, warm library welcome to all our new students and all those rejoining us next week!

During Induction Week (17-23 September), the Library will be open every day from 8 am – midnight.  From the start of term (24 September), the Library will open 24/7 until Christmas, and again after Christmas until the end of the summer assessment period.  Read more ›

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Join the Artsfilm Weekend Film Festival

CamcorderYour are invited to the Artfilms Weekend Film Festival! Twice a month Artfilms open access to selected videos from across their collections, showcasing films from a variety of disciplines, producers and cultures. The videos are released on a Thursday and are free to watch until the following Tuesday.

To get stuck in:

log in as a guest

  • Login name: filmfestival2
  • Password: artfilms

then choose the film(s) you would like to watch from the links below:


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