IBBY Honour List 2018

I was very excited this morning as I opened the crate containing around 60 beautifully illustrated books for young people. This is the third consignment of books we have had the pleasure to host from IBBY, International Board on Books for Young People. Last year’s selection contained books about and for children with disabilities and some of those have since joined our permanent collections. This year we have the best illustrated books. At the moment you can see a selection of these in the glass display case near the book returns sorter in the atrium, but on Thursday we will open the cabinet and provide an opportunity for you to come along and browse. Books are from all over the world; from Argentina and Armenia to Japan and Republic of Korea; from Latvia and Lebanon to UK and USA. My favourite, at a quick glance, comes from France, Le Ruban [The Ribbon] by Adrien Parlange, its also interesting to see the books which read from right to left, such Fadi Fadel’s Nowayer.

Come along and take a closer look on Thursday 21st March in the Library atrium.

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Proudly exhibiting your passion and creativity

First floor Library display: For the first time last year, we purchased competition winning art produced by our students and exhibited it around the Library for viewing by staff, students and interested members of the public. We also showcase students hobbies and passions in our first floor display space and the Atrium, exhibiting creativity for all to see.

If you would like to display your design, photography or hobby craft, or have a display on anything you would like to exhibit, please get in touch.  It never fails to delight us to see the burgeoning confidence of those seeing their work come to life and being promoted and appreciated by their peers.

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Safety tips for those heading overseas from AIG

Student travellingAIG (American Insurance Group) are offering a free webinar on student travel safety and preparedness at 2pm (UK time) on 21 March 2019.

If you are interested, you can register for the webinar here.

You can also add the event to your calendar (in your Google Calendar, click the vertical three dots beside “Add calendar” in the left-hand panel, choose “Import”, and then select the recently downloaded .ics format file to add the event to your calendar).

Further advice on travel safety and things to consider is available from the University, including this MyPort post on health, safety and vaccination considerations and University travel insurance registration.


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Truth and the turning wheel of history

Truth and liesThere are lies, damn lies, and then there is politics.  Fake news has been around since the dawn of civilisation and has taken flight and caused serious concern more than once in human history.  Crises of authority and the desperate search for a single source of truth has peaked many times.

From the Reformation to the ongoing information crisis, times of disruptive change offer rulers, politicians and power brokers the opportunity to promote their own authoritative spin on reality as the definitive truth and often leave the rest of us with few easy tools or tests to reliably determine which facts are reliable and whether complex world views are valid.

Read more about the possible impending ‘infopocalypse’.


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The world wide web is 30 today!

Before 1989, computers were rarely networked and no world wide web of computers existed to share information via websites.  The internet has existed since the 1970s, hosting messaging boards and other such protocols, now largely reneged to the dark net, beneath the notice of modern search engines.

The bright and colourful world of web pages, blogs, social media feeds and shared content that most people think of as the internet, the world wide web, was the information sharing brain child of Tim Burners-Lee.  In a short 18 months, he wrote the three protocols required to create and share information over the web and it soon was sharing information with the public.  Admittedly, pages were initially black text on a grey background with the possibility of a horizontal rule but this was revolutionary, and colour, images, different layouts, and finally video all followed as computing power and network capacity grew exponentially over time as the web evolved into the social networking phenomenon we know today.

Read more about the history, present and the future of the web on the Web Foundation website.

World Wide Web

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Bloomsbury Applied Visual Arts

This visually inspiring resource comprises 170 ebooks relating to fashion and textiles, design and illustration, photography, film and media, architecture and interiors and marketing and advertising. You can search by keyword or browse key topics in each of the subject areas. Topics range from history of the subject, through to practical methods, portfolio design and careers information. Many of the books are also available in the library’s print collection, if you prefer to access them that way. However, Bloomsbury Applied Visual Arts, is easy to use. You can dip in and out of chapters and create your own account where you can save items to a bookshelf so you can easily find them again. It even gives you an APA reference, although you may need to tweak it to UoP’s style.

Read more ›

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Bloomsbury Architecture Library

This fabulous new resource is a collection of ebooks which you can search or browse by topic. Topics include place, period, style, peoples & culture. For those of you who prefer a print book, you will find many of the titles are also available on the library shelves. Exploring the Bloomsbury Architecture Library enables you to access relevant content within the books quickly and easily.  For example, you may be interested in exploring the architecture of different countries; browsing by place enables you to see which countries are covered and takes you to the relevant books within the collection. You can take the same approach to different time periods and styles too.

Read more ›

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Food for mind and body

Students working near the Library CaféYou work better when you are hydrated, and so we installed more drinking water fountains closer to where you work. Just because you want to work early or late, there is no reason you should suffer. That’s why the library café now opens for longer than ever before, while reliable vending machines offer a diverse selection of healthy snacks, tasty treats, and hot and cold drinks around the clock for your convenience.

Accompanying an expanded array of refreshments, we installed toilets on every floor of the library and a drinking water fountain on the top floor so that you can always work comfortably with minimal disruption. Reflecting our values of inclusivity and equality, these luxuriously spacious and gender neutral toilets include wheelchair accessible cubicles to make life easier for everyone.

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Images from the Archive: celebrating International Women’s Day 2019

Portsmouth Municipal College, one of the predecessors of the University of Portsmouth, employed women in the Chemical and Natural Science Department from its earliest years. The 1913 college prospectus lists both Edith D. Johnson M.SC and Winifred E. Coalbran B.SC as lecturers. Winifred Emily Coalbran was born in Portsea in 1889 and grew up in Alverstoke, the daughter of a school master. She had also been a student at Portsmouth Municipal College where she obtained her Final B.Sc. in Pure Science in 1911.

This picture of the elementary chemistry laboratory is from the souvenir booklet for the college opening in 1908 (Ref: PMC/9/1).

Black and white photograph. Men and women pictured working in a chemistry laboratory.

The elementary chemistry laboratory as depicted in the booklet celebrating the opening of Portsmouth Municipal College in 1908.


Like what you see here?

You are welcome to use the the materials held in the University Archive.  Find out more or contact the Archivist to discuss your research needs in the “University Archives” section of the Library website.

Update 08.03.19 – There is also now a small display of books on and about women on display in the Library Atrium at the moment.  Please ask staff if there is anything you would like to read or borrow.

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Rowans Hospice volunteer recruitment day (Sat, 23 March 2019)

Rowans Hospice logoRowans Hospice are hosting a volunteer recruitment day on Saturday 23 March from 9.30am – 1.30pm, at which anyone interested can learn more about the various volunteering opportunities they offer across the Hospice, Living Well Centre and local retail shops.  This event is a chance to find out what Rowans Hospice does within its community and discover whether it offers a volunteer opportunity suitable for you.

Volunteering opportunities such as this are a great opportunity to gain relevant experience to help prepare you for your future career or gain more general skills and experience to enhance your employability.  It also opens up opportunities to meet new people in a sociable environment and support a local institution.

Register your interest

If you are interested in attending this event, please let the Rowans team know by calling or emailing them in advance:
T: 023 9225 0001
E: peopleservices@rowanshospice.co.uk

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