Discovery Service – expected performance issues

The Discovery Service may run unusually slowly over the next few days.  The supplier, Ebsco, is working to resolve certain technical problems behind the scenes that they have warned may affect the speed of Discovery and Full Text Finder links.  We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your ongoing patience.

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MyiLibrary access problem (resolved)

Update 20.10.17 – MyiLibrary is now working normally again.  Thank you for your patience.


MyiLibrary is currently not working.  It is requiring everyone to log in and then taking them back to the login page in a perpetual loop.

This is a UK wide issue that ProQuest are working to fix as soon as possible.  We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause.

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Talis Aspire – changes to the digitised content request form

(You can safely ignore this post if you are a student.  This post only concerns staff who create and maintain online reading lists.)


The digitisation request form for online reading lists changed slightly yesterday.  In the previous version, the options for Book Chapter, Book Section and Article appeared in tabs across the top of the screen.  The options will now appear in a drop-down menu, making it clearer what resource type you are digitising from and giving you the option to select a page range that is not a complete chapter.  Talis have produced this article explaining the change with screenshots.
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Turner & Paige no.76 Oct. 20th 2017

T&P no.76

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Full-text finder service working intermittently (resolved)

Update 20.10.17 – The Full-text finder links are again working normally.  Thank you for your patience.
The full-text finder service that appears in many electronic resources offering to locate the full-text of articles is working intermittently at the moment.  This is a widespread problem across the US and the UK.  We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause.


We recommend you get in touch if you have any difficulties.  The following workaround is simple for ebooks but much less obvious for individual journal articles.
Ebooks – It is possible to search the Library catalogue for an ebook, and then click on the “Online access” link part-way down the record.
Ejournals – Search the Library catalogue for the name of the publisher of the journal in which the article was published.  Follow the link for that publisher’s complete e-resources collection.  Find the journal title, and then within that journal find the article by volume and then part/issue number.  If you are unfamiliar with the structure of journals, you may well need assistance.  Please get in touch if you have any difficulties.
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Online reading list links to Wiley journals not working (resolved)

Update 20.10.17 – Online reading list links are again linking to Wiley journals normally.  Thank you for your patience.

Some links from online reading lists to articles in journals published by Wiley are not working properly at the moment.  We are working with the supplier to resolve the issue.


Click the “check for local electronic subscriptions” link if the direct article link fails.

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Reduced lighting in Area 2A (resolved)

Update 19.10.17 – The lighting has reportedly now been fixed.  Thank you for your patience.
Not all the lights are working at the moment in Area 2A.  An urgent maintenance request has been filed with the Estates Department.  The area is still available for study, but less brightly lit than usual.  We apologise for any inconvenience.
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Discovery Service temporarily unavailable (resolved)

Update 20.10.17 – The Discovery Service appears to be working normally again this morning.  Please let us know if you encounter any unexpected difficulties using it or accessing articles.

We regret that the Discovery Service is temporarily unavailable.  We have contacted the supplier, who is working to restore normal service as soon as possible.  Other electronic resources appear unaffected.  You can find database resources for your subject under the Subjects menu on the Library homepage.



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The unexpected consequences of discarded rubbish… by Pablo the Penguin

Everyone knows that if you leave rubbish around it’ll begin to smell. It looks messy. Stuff might get sticky. And sometimes little mice come along and nibble at things. These are all EXPECTED consequences of discarded rubbish.

What I’ve just seen ISN’T. It’s definitely an UNEXPECTED consequence. Read more ›

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“Faculti” facts

Update 19.10.17 – The trial to Faculti has been extended until Tuesday 24th October.

A number of academic staff have received a invitation to be interviewed for a platform called Faculti.  Many of these academics have been in touch with the Library, understandably concerned that this might have been a phishing attempt.  We can reassure staff that Faculti is a genuine company.   We believe that Faculti have begun approaching staff to make good on their pledge to add a thousand new videos each year to their collections across all the different disciplines.  They may also have been trying to promote a small scale trial we have been running with CCI, which ends on Monday, 16th October.  If you would like to trial Faculti for use in teaching or research, please contact your Faculty Librarian.

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