University attains Teaching Excellence Framework Gold status

The University has just been awarded Teaching Excellence Framework Gold status.  Only three other institutions in South East England have achieved this.  The report confirmed that the University delivers: “consistently outstanding teaching, learning and outcomes for its students,” and that its teaching, “is of the highest quality found in the UK.”

Read more on the University website.


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Doctoral theses now published to the Research Portal and EThOS

Our Doctoral theses are now being automatically published through the British Library electronic thesis service EThOS after they are uploaded to the University Research Portal, so now interested researchers can now search our theses alongside theses from all other UK universities and download the full-text as well as being able to visit our institutional Research Portal for a more detailed where they may choose to view all doctoral theses awarded from particular departments, and so on.
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Happy “Eat your vegetables” Day!

vegetables photoOnly in George’s Marvelous Medicine (if you haven’t read it, the local public library holds copies so now is the time) does eating cabbage make you grow downwards.   In reality, eating at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day is very good for you.  Celebrate with a carrot stick or whatever else takes your fancy today as we celebrate ‘Eat your vegetables day’ (and no, we’re not sure who is making these days up but some of them are certainly colourful).


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BoB upgrade (7-9 am on Friday 23rd June)

Box of Broadcasts (BoB) will be implementing an upgrade on Friday 23rd June 2017 between 7-9 am that will resolve the playback problems experienced by clients using some web browsers.  The fix will require some downtime for the BoB service during this interval.
This fix should greatly improve load times across affected browsers, including Internet Explorer, Edge and Chrome.  It will however restrict support for Internet Explorer to IE 11, the only version still supported by Microsoft.  Anyone still using older versions of the browser is recommended to change their browser or upgrade to IE 11 or Edge.
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Break out the blankets for National Picnic Week

picnic photoNational Picnic Week starts this Friday, so grab something to sit on or find a park (Ravelin Park is conveniently close!) and make the most of the summer weather by dining al fresco.  If you are struggling for creative picnic ideas and the thought of munching a scotch egg or a sandwich from Café Coco fails to inspire you, the Scotch Kitchen has conjured some picnic concepts for you to try.

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Planned disruption to My Account and Library catalogue (Wednesday 21 June 2017)

We will be upgrading our library management system next Wednesday 21 June between approximately 8-9 am. During this period, neither clients nor library staff will be able access to your library account, stock or shelf mark information, although you will still be able to borrow and return books.  We apologise for any inconvenience resulting from this essential maintenance.

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Getting blue tick verified: a librarian’s guide to pleasing the little blue bird

After recently becoming one of the few UK university libraries to obtain Twitter blue tick account verification, I wanted to share our insights and experience with other libraries who may want to pursue verification of their own institutional library accounts. Read more ›

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Up there in blue and white: @UoPlibrary receives blue tick verification on Twitter

twitter photoSome of us harbour secret, furtive aspirations to answer more of your questions via Twitter.  We imagine many of you sitting with Twitter on your phone, just waiting to ask us library things, and given how many other businesses engage with their clients via Twitter it makes sense for us to start thinking about making it a more mainstream enquiry channel.  There is of course nothing stopping you asking us a question via Twitter, or even via Facebook, Facebook Messenger or in an Instagram comment right now.

Before we even consider formally inviting everyone to get in touch via Twitter, however, we have to be sure you could be confident it was us you are getting answers from and not some spurious ‘alternative’ feed that might spring up to impersonate us at an unfortunate moment.  To do this, we sought to have our authentic @UoPlibrary Twitter feed verified.  We believe we are one of the first libraries to earn the official blue tick Twitter verification (h/t @LivUniLibrary for already getting verified as well).  Librarians are keen observers of one another’s achievements, however, and we understand one at least is already pondering how to win themselves a coveted blue tick for their feed, so we expect other libraries will be seeking blue tick verification very soon. Read more ›

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More power to your programming: ACM has expanded

programming photoA raft of exciting new ebooks has arrived on our ACM platform, from spatial- and bio-informatics to machine learning and software evolution, the history of computing to reactive internet programming.  Click here to check out our expanded offering, exclusively from ACM.

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National Clean Air Day (15 June 2017)

Did you know that air pollution on side streets is often at least 20% lower than on busy roads? Or that the most polluted place to be on the roads is inside a vehicle because they gather pollution? The UK’s first ever National Clean Air Day on Thursday 15 June is a chance to find out more about air pollution, learn how to avoid it and discover the practical things that people can do to reduce local pollution levels.
Let’s create a cleaner future together on National Clean Air Day.  If you normally take children to school in the car or drive into work/study, try taking the train or bus, cycling, or walking instead.  If you have to drive, try turning your engine off when idling in queued traffic and at traffic lights.  Every little helps.
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