Happy World Blood Donor Day!

World Blood Donor DayHappy World Blood Donor Day!  14th June each year is when the world celebrates the altruistic actions of millions who donate blood to maintain badly needed reserves of blood and blood products, such as plasma.  Anyone who is injured, falls ill, requires an operation or otherwise needs blood, including hemophiliacs, cancer patients and others with blood disorders rely upon these donations of blood to survive.  The World Health Organisation website explores the role of blood transfusions in more detail.

Blood banks are frequently understocked, sometimes dangerously so, and donors are always in great demand.  If you are thinking about becoming a blood donor, you can find out more here.


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Showcasing your blossoming research for REF 2018: introducing ORCIDs

The Research Excellence Framework (REF) assessment approaches once again.  Research England has strongly recommended anyone submitting to the REF in 2018 to have their own Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID).  If you want more information on setting up and linking your ORCID to your PURE profile, we have you covered.

Click or tap here to find out more about ORCIDs and how to make them work for you.


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Farewell to the front of the building

The old University logo mounted on the front of the University Library Well, perhaps not quite all of it, but today is the long awaited day when the illuminated logo on the front of the library building is replaced.  Today we see take last lingering look at a sign that has probably been a part of the library longer than anyone still working here.  Change is one of the signs of life, however, and the institutional rebranding continues apace.

We anticipate some noise disruption today but would like to reassure everyone that it should be short-lived and that earplugs are available to anyone who feels they need them from the Welcome Desk.

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Google as platform, Google as publisher?

Macbook displaying Google Deutschland search homepageAmong the many things Google is involved in at the moment is the controversial new e-journal Distill, a product of its the Distill Working Group.  Operated at a distance as a peer-reviewed academic journal in the area of artificial intelligence, questions are being raised about its standing and, more importantly, whether this makes Google now a publisher and media company.  Read more on the Scholarly Kitchen blog.

If you are looking to publish a journal article in any field of research, please read our advice and if you have any queries or concerns, contact the Research Outputs Team (openaccess@port.ac.uk) for advice.


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Problems opening interlibrary loan documents

What to do if you are trying to open a document from the British Library and you get this error message:

This computer must be connected to the network in order to open this document. Connect this computer to the network and then try opening the document again.

This error occurs because Adobe no longer support old versions of Transport Layer Security.  Please click “Read more” (below) for instructions on how to resolve this issue.

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From “Gin Lane” to World Gin Day

Cartoon depiction of the evils of gin consumption by British artist William Hogarth.Tomorrow is World Gin Day.  Dubbed “mother’s ruin” in Victorian Britain, in a campaign that at one point saw people seriously recommending the “warming effects of beer” over the chill charms of the juniper-scented spirit.  Gin, like all alcoholic drinks, can cause problems when enjoyed to excess or in an escape to drown out emotional problems.  Gin has been singled out for derision historically because it was the cheapest and most readily available form of alcohol, providing unwelcome competition for organised religion as the consolation of the masses.  Slammed in the popular nineteenth century cartoon “Gin Lane” by William Hogarth (right),  which depicts a drunken women slumped in the throws of gin fuelled alcoholism to the point she is blissfully unaware of her infant child falling a great distance from her arms, gin has also featured as the voiceless villain in such films as “The sorrows of gin” (available through our Digital Theatre Plus subscription, link below).  It is perhaps not surprising that the gin industry has since felt the need for a bit of self-promotion!   Read more ›

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Have another look at History: two new resources for historians

Twentieth century feminist posterThe Library is pleased to present new and expanded historical resources covering gender and social change and documentation on the papers of state, including a brand new resource, Gender: Identity and Social Change and a huge expansion to the authoritative State Papers Online.  

Gender: Identity and Social Change

Primary sources, including images, about gender roles from the 19th century to the present.  This resource supports the study of women’s suffrage, the feminist movement, the men’s movement, employment, education, the body, the family and more in the UK, USA and Australia.

Greatly expanded access to State Papers Online

Following on from our popular access to Tudor and Stuart State Papers, the library has now bought access to 18th Century State Papers Online Part 1, including Registers of the Privy Council as well as documents on domestic, military and naval matters. Whether you are interested in the Jacobite rebellion, the Seven Years’ War with France, the Boston Tea Party or official correspondence to and from the First Lords of the Admiralty, take a look at the wide selection of beautifully hand-scripted manuscripts.
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New eBooks – May 2018

What follows is a list of new electronic books received by the Library during May 2018 ordered by title. More complete details, as well as listings from previous months, are available on our website’s New Books page in the form of downloadable Excel spreadsheets.

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New Books – May 2018

What follows is a list of new books received in the Library during May 2018 ordered by classmark. More complete details, as well as listings from previous months, are available on our website’s New Books page in the form of downloadable Excel spreadsheets.

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Guy Begbie’s Architectural Bookworks

The University Library is delighted to have an exhibition of unique artists books by Guy Begbie. Guy describes his practice as “multidisciplinary/interdisciplinary.” The books demonstrate techniques including printmaking, drawing, painting, small scale casting, video media and bookbinding. Bookworks is displayed in the glass cabinet near the returns sorter in the atrium and in the display case on the first floor landing. The exhibition runs until the end of June (check with us before travelling). You can read more about Guy and see examples of his work on his website.

I first encountered Guy at a public lecture organised by the Illustration department. He introduced us to works based on the idea of dérive, walking in the landscape. His recent works are inspired by the landscape of the city and some of the works in our exhibition clearly reference architectural forms. There is a series of works, Architectural Bookworks, which include cast plaster, but others are paper-based; ‘containers’ for things and space which can be configured in multiple ways to suit the exhibtion space. At closer examination, you can see the intricacies of the construction, together with the carefully considered form of the display. The exhibtion took just under 5 hours to achieve its carefully curated form. I doubt if it will ever look the same when displayed elsewhere. It fits the constraints of our space well; an excellent lesson in adaptability for those who exhibit art work. It even leads you to some video works, for example, Orange Rumba – enjoy!

~ Greta Friggens, Faculty Librarian (CCI)

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