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reading beach photoBefore you start hurriedly packing up to go away for the summer vacation (unless you are staying with us, in which case carry on), please could you sort through all your Library books and return any you do not think you will need next year?

It makes sure you can actually find all the books you have on loan before you move house, and it can save you from some unwelcome Library charges.  Books continue to be recalled over the Summer Vacation because the Library remains open, and if you are holding onto any books you need to be prepared to return them if asked.  Our books should also not be leaving the UK, so if you are going overseas, please leave our books somewhere safe when you go.

Thank you!

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Looking at the web through a new lens: Google Lens

smartphone camera photoHave you come across Google Lens yet?  It’s Google’s attempt to identify and offer information about what is in a photograph you take.  Useful if you are trying to identify famous landmarks, brutally effective for cheating with both hands in the pictures round of a pub quiz, and otherwise just quite interesting.

After first seeing daylight over five years ago as an early prototype of faltering effectiveness it has been formally launched as a new tool in the Google app suite at the most recent Google I/O developers conference that performs a full Google search with all its mod cons including opening times and peak occupancy information starting your search with a photo rather than words.  From finding reviews of the restaurant you are stood outside or identifying the monument in the distance to discovering whether the pretty flower in Ravelin Park garden will survive the conditions in your garden, this is is another powerful tool in the mobile search arsenal.  Just remember that being high in your search results list guarantees neither truth nor accuracy.  As always, read skeptically and critically and cross-reference your results with reliable and authoritative sources before basing any life altering plans on the outcomes.

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Nearly there! Why not grab a colouring book for the final hurdle?

Pablo Penguin (@uoppenguin on Twitter) colouring in a bookMarching stoically towards the end of the examination period?  Remember to drink plenty, stretch and take 5 minute breaks every 25 minutes and keep everything in perspective so you stay as fresh and achieve as much as possible.

Our stress relief colouring books are available for you to collect and enjoy from the atrium.  You can even download copies of our stress relief colouring book under Library guides on the Library website.

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ASM journals only available on campus and via VPN/Web Proxy

We have lost Shibboleth access to all American Society for Microbiology (ASM) journals at the moment.  You can continue to access these journals from any campus computer and away from the University campus through the VPN and Web Proxy services.  We are working to restore full access as soon as possible.

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Artstor Digital Library citations: save them or lose them (over the summer)!

disappearing photoDo you have any citations saved in Artstor Digital Library that you will need over the summer?  If so, please save them before the end of the month.  When Artstor begins its migration to its new platform on 1 June 2017, you will lose access to any unsaved citations until the migration is completed, and we do not yet have a timescale for that, so we imagine it will be a pretty long time!

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AM Explorer: search history, culture and community archives

london lowlife photoYou can search everything from supplier Adam Matthew, including online archives ranging from Migration to New Worlds (including port conditions), African-American Communities, First World War, London Low Life, Empire Online, Popular Culture in Britain and America 1950-1975 and Mass Observation without seeing content from outside these areas as you might if you searched through the Discovery Service by using the dedicated AM Explorer search.
Remember to check your My Subject page for more searchable information resources.  If in doubt, ask a librarian which resources might be most useful.

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Turner & Paige no.70 May. 22nd 2017

T&P no.70

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All the fun of the pier

The finished pier gameSome people just have to see the lighter side of business.  Or perhaps they just cannot resist having fun with magnets.  Tim Hunkin is one such man.  Discover his Under The Pier Show coin-operated arcade game, developed in response to a satirical article about banks and financial regulators.



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A very brief examination survival guide: a lecturer writes…

exam uni photoFor revision

  1. Write essay plans
  2. Discuss alternative approaches with friends
  3. Make sure you know where you are going and where your exams are being held
  4. Make time to relax/exercise

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Enter the UK Engagement Survey and you could win a £20 Amazon voucher

students photoIf you are in the first two years of your degree course, you will have recently received an email inviting you to take part in the Higher Education Academy’s UK Engagement Survey (UKES).  Another survey might not seem terribly exciting at first glance but if you enter, you could win one of twenty £20 Amazon vouchers that the University is giving away!




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